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Modern Curve High-rise Commercial Complex Public Apartment

Modern Curve High-rise Commercial Complex Public Apartment

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1.Product name: scale model, custom scale model, building scale model, city scale model.

2.The scale model refers to the physical model produced by the scaling of an object.The scale model is often used in real estate sales, planning science and technology museum exhibition, urban planning exhibition, etc.

3.We are a professional scale model supplier from China. With the rapid development of China in recent years, our company has accumulated rich experience in scale model manufacturing.Such as model material, from the application of real wood plank to the application of polymer materials, polymer materials production scale model, can quickly carving, not changeful form, scale model can reflect incisively and vividly details (precision can reach 0.5 mm).The production equipment includes 3d laser printer, CNC engraving machine, laser engraving machine and other advanced equipment, which guarantees the simultaneous processing and production of several scale models.


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