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Xi 'an Huxian Social Fire Miniaturization Model
- Jun 25, 2018 -

On May 20, arts of the masses in xi 'an, three folk artists to more than two hundred people were being jan made miniature display here, works, vivid, panoramic shows being jan scenario. 

It is understood that huxian social fire is one of the famous traditional folk culture and entertainment activities in shaanxi province. Social fire has many kinds and forms. There are nearly 20 ways to carry shoulder fire, shoulder fire, stilts, bamboo and horse, dry boat, dragon, dragon, dragon and lion dance. Picture: miniature model of social fire. 

The display stand of this set of models is about 2 meters wide and 3 meters wide, about 7 meters long, about 200 social fire models. Social fire focuses on the wisdom and talents of the working people, including music, dance, opera, acrobatics, martial arts, opera, arts and crafts. 

"The three teachers are still attending lectures, studying and preparing to create more works of guanzhong culture. More people visit on weekends, mostly adults and children. "The academy said. The three authors of this miniature model are all inheritors of huxian social fire. The graph is: door county social fire related introduction