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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention To In Making The Model
- Jun 27, 2018 -

1. The construction of the architectural framework is based on the drawings. According to the set proportion, all parts are made by hand or machine carving machine and then stitched together. The choice of color and texture is key. Some modeling companies like to use computer renderings for publicity, because the color texture of the model we see is different from that of the effect pictures on the computer.

2. In the production of environmental landscape, it was originally made according to design. Actual there may be various colors of flowers and plants in the garden, flowers, the colour contrast, there are red, yellow, green, blue, etc., but in the real performance in the model in these things seem no trade-off, visual is mixed and disorderly, not beauty, not real. Therefore real-life scenery and the scenery like and don't like problems in the model, itself is a kind of contradictory opposites and unity, like to the extreme, it is not like, seems like like like, its core is should take a "god", the exact characteristics and style of the indicators of environmental greening is purpose.

3. The layering principle of main and secondary lights. The lighting configuration should be based on the characteristics of the landscape. Residential buildings, waterscape lighting as far as possible with warm color, evergreen tree background generally with cold color light source; The development time of street lamps and garden lamps is uniform and arranged according to the corresponding rules. The project should make more effort on colour, as far as possible rich, administrative levels a few more in order to foil whole environment atmosphere. Need to emphasize a point is, the hold of degree is very important, avoid everywhere all bright, bring about a few parts of the periphery to spoil the brilliance of the theme instead. Match scene is match scene, the leading role is the leading role naturally, must have the choice and the key point, otherwise there is no very good effect model.

4. The principle of elegantly setting the disc mouth: the disc mouth refers to the packaging parts such as the * receptacle, border, bottom table and glass cover of the architectural model. The case name scale, signs, etc. must be properly closed. No pattern such as borders, soles, the glass, architectural model key to see the size of, the floor height, the color and the style of the greening and site factors to develop, with a harmonious, beautiful, generous advisable.