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What Is The Appropriate Proportion Of The Building Model
- May 19, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the proportion of building models should be determined according to the actual proportion of buildings.

The actual scale and the multiple of the model scale are usually 1:50, 1:200, 1:1000 and so on. It is difficult to put forward uniform requirements for the scale of the model, its area, accuracy and economy.

Generally speaking, the ratio of 1:1000 to 1:3000 is suitable for regional urban models. The proportion of models refers to the comparison of two similar scales between building and environment, real scene and model.

Architectural model is an indispensable item in architectural design and urban planning.

The architectural and environmental art model is between the plane drawing and the actual three-dimensional space. It connects the two together, it is a three-dimensional stereoscopic model. The architectural model helps the design creation. It can intuitively reflect the design intention and make up the limitations of the drawings (see the architectural drawings). It is not only a part of the design process, but also a form of design, which is widely used in urban construction, real estate development, commercial housing sales, design bidding and investment cooperation and so on.

There are many materials for building models, which can be divided into four main categories:

1, chemical industry: quartz glass, sponge, organic glass, trichloromethane, paint, UHU glue, A glue, ABS glue board, engineering plastics, synthetic plastic version, foam board and so on.

2, plants: wood, multi-storey boards, high-density boards, bamboo strips, cardboard and so on.

3, lighting class: LED lamp, rice bubble and so on.

4, the crystal inner carving building model is carved into the crystal inside the building by laser carving.