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The Significance Of The Garden Sand Table Model
- Dec 21, 2017 -

1. Enlightening

In the process of model making, it is a powerful basis for designers to improve the design by using the real shape, size and proportion to achieve the aim of designing and inspiring new ideas.

2, the Accessibility

Based on the reasonable ergonomics parameters, the sensory feedback and reaction are explored, and then the rationalization form is obtained.

3, descriptive

The basic function of the model is to express the intention and form of design with three-dimensional form.

4, performance

With concrete three-dimensional entities, detailed size and proportion, real color and material, from the visual, tactile and fully meet the shape of the form of expression, reflecting the role of the relationship between the body and the environment, people feel the authenticity of the product, so that designers and consumers better communicate the meaning of the product understanding.