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The Construction Model Has The Inevitable Rationality
- Dec 21, 2017 -

From the overall image can suddenly attract customers is the first architectural model of color, architectural model of the overall color relationship. Architectural model of the color not only to be true, but also to give people a visual sense of comfort: Then the configuration of the environment, tree greening "planting", must have rationality and artistry.

In fact, you will only feel that the building model is a beautiful architectural model, a complete architectural model, and customer-resonant architectural model. On the contrary, some architectural models of the company's works with the market distance is far, that is completely in accordance with the drawings produced, there is nothing missing, there is nothing wrong but it will make you feel that there is something wrong. Of course, the color and the scene is part of a building model of the soft part of the building model and drawing is not related to the artistic quality of the producers.

Sales of building models and site image sales of real estate are carried out shortly after the commencement of the project, and the actual image of the present building will take a long time to complete. Then the building model is the only complete three-dimensional image of this project, but also become an important means of communication with customers. Whether the design style of the project, color image or garden environment or ancillary facilities, are reflected through the architectural model to customers, and the architectural model is different from the general effect of the building model is the three-dimensional and authenticity, it should be said that the building model also has a lot of deception.