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The Characteristics And Application Range Of Sand Tray Model.
- Apr 03, 2018 -

When designing a model, there are many different types of models, different characteristics and different materials used. The application of different occasion models is also different. The sand table model is generally used for exhibition, experiment or casting machine, parts and other models. It refers to an expression of the concept of things in the process of research, and can also be produced by experiments, drawings, or miniature.

The sand table model is characterized by strong stereo feeling, easy to make image, economic and practical, etc. The sand table model can also be divided into simple model and permanent model. The simple sand table model is temporarily stacked with sand and soldiers on the ground. The permanent sand disk model is made of foam plastic board or three plywood, gypsum powder, pulp and other materials, which can be stored for a long time.

The versatility of sand is relatively broad, commonly used to make the model of economic development planning and the construction of large project, and including military, commonly used in the study of the terrain, battle plan, implement the tactical drills and other combat experience.