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The Bright Colors In The Sandbox Model
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Different colors give people a different feeling, it can be said that color has a certain impact on human emotions. The color of architectural model plays an important role in the whole effect of the model. Therefore, model companies in the planning model will take into account the color matching.

In making models, model companies should make building models visible in the important performance of design sketches, and do not stray into the unnecessary details and deviate from the basic concepts of design. The ability to smear the right color requires a lot of familiarity with the material, its processing, and the effect it produces.

For each model project, exactly which color to use depends primarily on the user and model-making of the receiving model. The receiver can determine the type of production, and its purpose is to determine the specification and color. For example, to highlight the location of a square or to emphasize a particular building in a city's public architecture model, it can be set off by varying degrees of detail or by other colours. If a design has a decisive material color (brick, wood, metal, glass), the designer wants to show it to the viewer in the model, then he can use the corresponding color model to make the material. When it comes to the transformation of a model color scheme and material scheme involving a large internal space, you can try to solve the color atmosphere of the future space by the corresponding color matching of the model parts. The variety and gaudy nature of colors depend essentially on the design phase.