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The Architectural Model Has A Certain Reasonableness
- Jun 08, 2018 -

The first thing to attract customers from the overall image is the color of the building model and the overall color relationship of the building model. The color of the architectural model is not only true, but also brings a comfortable feeling to the human vision: the configuration of the environment and the planting of trees should be reasonable and artistic.

In fact, you will only feel that the building model is a beautiful building model, a complete architectural model, and a building model that resonates with customers. On the other hand, some of the building model company's works are far from the market, which is made completely according to the drawings, nothing is missing, and there is nothing wrong, but it will make you feel the wrong place. Of course, the color and matching part belong to the soft part of a building model. The architectural model has nothing to do with the drawings, but only relates to the artistic quality of the producers.

Sales building model and land image real estate sales are mostly done shortly after the start of the project, and the actual image of the present building will take a long time to complete. At this time, the building model has become the only complete three-dimensional image of the project, and has also become an important means of communication with customers. The design style, color image, garden environment or supporting facilities are reflected by the building model, and the building model is different from the general effect map, and the architecture model is stereoscopic and true. It should be said that the architecture model also has a great deception.

Of course, we say this kind of deception is under the premise of rationality, such as two kinds of goods of the same quality, which kind of packaging more appropriate, more in place, this commodity can also show the charm of the product and consumer expectations. What we call "deception" is basically based on this sense. So here is the question: what kind of architectural model is the ideal sales image building model? So choosing the best building model company is the most important.