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Students Of Architecture Department Make Villa Model With Chopsticks
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Chopsticks, usually used to eat, but a group of students to learn architectural engineering, chopsticks and plastic board into a building model. Yesterday, in Jiujiang Vocational University training building in a classroom, there are 39 housing models, including a villa model is particularly conspicuous, materials are disposable chopsticks.

"Whether it is a model or a kind, the first step is to be strong," said Party, director of the Engineering Institute of Jiujiang Vocational University. Most of us look at appearances, but the internal structure of the model is all manifested. "Both strong, practical, and environmental protection, so that the work deserved to win the college" Luban Cup "professional skills competition first.

Students involved in the creation of Cardioversion said that at the beginning of our hearts there is no fixed pattern, only to do one side think. "I was going to have a windmill on the roof and a small bridge and running water," he said. ”

It is reported that Jiujiang Vocational college "Luban Cup" professional skills contest has been carried out for three years, but before the actual operation, and this time the requirements of the design of the housing model, but also in order to enable students to apply their knowledge.