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Sand Table Model
- Dec 21, 2017 -

In military films and television productions, we often see commanders standing in front of a terrain model to study the battle plan. According to the topographic map, aerial photograph or terrain, according to a certain proportion, the model of the heap of sand, chess and other materials is the sand table model [1]. The sand table model is divided into simple sand table model and permanent sand table model. The Simple sand table model is a temporary heap of sand and pawn in the field; The Permanent sand table model is made of foamed plastics Board (or plywood), gypsum powder, pulp and other materials, and can be preserved for a long time. The sand table model has the characteristics of strong three-dimensional sense, intuitive image, simple manufacture and economical and practical. The sand table model is widely used, which can vividly show the terrain of the combat area, and indicates the composition of the enemy positions, the deployment of troops and the disposition of weapons. Military commanders used to study terrain, enemy, combat plan, organize coordinated action, carry out tactical drills, study war cases and summarize combat experience. Sand table model is often used to make economic development planning and large-scale project construction model, its image is intuitive, quite popular with the planning decision makers and engineers.