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Sand Table Making Materials And Matching Scene
- Dec 21, 2017 -

1, building wall: Sweden imported as polymer Engineering plastics, computer engraving, and cutting a variety of effects.

2, glass curtain wall: Austrian production "bird Linglong" coating reflective glass. (There are many colors)

3, Granite, Marble: Japan produce imitation stone as board (a variety of styles)

4, Glass: Hong Kong production of semi-reflective translucent colored glass (a variety of colors)

5, Lawn: German lawn paper or Japanese lawn velvet lawn machine implanted model chassis (waterproof seamless)

6, matching scene characters: German-made Preiser figures (the proportion of each section)

7, with the King car: Hong Kong-produced cars (various proportions)

8, Greening: All kinds of trees, shrubs, dried flowers and so on.

9, Adhesives: Taiwan production of a rubber, German-made U-gum, domestic chloroform

10, railings, floor tiles: Computer engraving color separations (various patterns)

11, color: Painting color According to the requirements of party A