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Sales Center Sand Table Model Should Pay Attention To What Details
- Feb 10, 2018 -

The sales office's sand table model production usually includes the project overall sand table model, the regional sand table and the single sand table model three. Every sand table model has its special features. Large-scale sand table production company will tell you the sales center sand table model making process should pay attention to some of the details. Regional model The regional model is mainly used to represent the project's urban space occupancy and future mature living environment. In the production process should pay attention to: 1, Traffic network: highlight the accessibility of the project traffic trunk road and the project location from the important area of the city, such as development zone and downtown; 2, Residential atmosphere: The regional model should emphasize the dense effect of large-scale residential buildings around the project and reflect the regional maturity. Usually the projects under sale can be weakened; 3, supporting life: such as the surrounding hospitals, schools, business circles, etc. to be highlighted, indicating that the residents of the next 5/10/30 minutes of life circle; 4, the future development: reflect the future development trend of the project, the potential value.

Overall sand table model

The overall sand table model includes the entire project architecture, environment, transportation, etc., rich in content, larger size.

1, the main building: the building facade needs fine production, small homes, balconies, railings, facade components, etc. should be the perfect embodiment of the full highlight of rich design connotation, the color expression should be realistic.

2, landscape: According to the climate and environment where the project is located, make the corresponding landscape plants. Season clear, highlighting the effect of dense plants.

3, building modules: the actual situation is clear, with the main building may seem different, the production is usually more concise, or using the weakening of the crystal representation.

4, lighting: the overall lighting should be unified, focusing on the main building, commercial street, clubs and so on.

5, the commercial part: to express a strong business climate and cultural atmosphere is appropriate. May be appropriate to increase different decoration, advertising and so on. Eaves cornices, lamp posts, architectural lights can be used light bulbs glittering, outlines its exquisite contours at the same time, the formation of a good, prosperous shopping environment.

A large proportion of single sand table production, the details need to be very fine. Monolithic building models should emphasize the façade effect of the building, as well as other details such as tiles, roofs, windows, line angles, balconies, etc. Huxing model should highlight the indoor living scene, apartment layout features, express a living atmosphere.