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Real Estate Cooperative Development
- Jun 12, 2018 -

    Before choosing cooperative development, housing enterprises must be clear cooperation strategy, establish cooperation rules, avoid in the process of cooperation, the money did not earn, and finally make a scene. For example, contemporary home ownership and enterprise cooperation and development, has formulated its own cooperation charter and partnership agreement. The reasons and methods for such cooperation are as follows:
1) Role exchange has a check and balance. It must be me to play a plate you play a plate is more harmonious, a cooperation is easy to produce contradictions, the two sides always have different opinions, once there are two cooperation, the two sides can reach a tacit understanding, who plays the plate to decide, not for details quarrel.
2) The two items can be discussed together. The negotiation process generally involves the simultaneous negotiation of two cooperation projects, the signing of a strategic framework agreement, the signing of a project cooperation agreement, and the establishment of a start-up date for both projects.

3) You can also cooperate with suppliers or even cross-industry cooperation. Cooperation is not limited to developers, but can work with suppliers such as contractors. The total package of shares will be to advance capital, after the capital to assume certain risks, the duration, efficiency of what went up. Cross-industry partnerships also have advantages, such as partnerships with contemporary financial institutions, a software partnership with a smart community, and the establishment of a merger and acquisition green industry fund, all of which can make use of their respective professional advantages.