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Industrial Model
- Jun 15, 2018 -

Industrial model, commonly known as hand plate, head plate model and rapid prototyping, the main production methods include CNC processing, laser rapid prototyping and small batch production of silicone mold. Industrial models are widely used in the design and development stage of industrial new products. Designers confirm the product appearance and function test, so as to improve the design scheme, to reduce the development cost, shorten the development cycle, and quickly gain customer recognition.

Range of application

1. Digital products (mobile phone, telephone, digital picture frame, USB, earphone, camera)

2. Home appliance medical products (TV set, computer, air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, printer, duplicator, washing machine, hot kettle, massager, b-mode).

3. Auto parts (dashboard, door, air conditioner, DVD lamp, reverse disc, bumper)

Today's industrial models are not as simple as handboards. They have been transformed from digital products, household medical products and auto parts into large mechanical and engineering models. It is even larger than the building model, and the process difficulty factor is further improved.