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How To Understand The Sand Table Model Of Sales Office?
- Apr 03, 2018 -

       The buyers to buy bridal chamber, the first will be building sales people to sand table in the middle of the sales hall, and then the salesman will follow general situation, we introduce the district from the sand and we could see the whole village intuitive layout, facilities, landscape environment, etc., as the buyer how do we go to read sand table model, then it is easy to choose their favorite family. So how do you understand the sandbox model? Let's give you some tips and tricks.

1. First of all, we need to know the proportion of sand disk model and physical object to the sales consultant, and calculate the actual size of the house by proportion.

2. The whole production of sand table will include the community and surrounding facilities. We need to pay attention to the reasonable distance between the surrounding facilities and the community. At the same time, it is necessary to know the specific open use and construction time of the supporting facilities listed in the plan. It is often found in the sales department that there is a transparent building block on the sand table model. At this point, we must ask the sales consultant to know the specific situation of these "unknown buildings", whether it is the planning facilities or the garbage station.

3. Through the sand table, it can also directly reflect the greening of the community. To confirm with the sales consultant, whether the actual green environment of the community can be realized on the sand table.

4. Through the sand table, we can also see whether there is a shunt in the community. If the community does not implement human car shunting, we can choose to leave the driveway, the parking lot more distant buildings, to reduce the security threat.

5. The buyer should confirm the distance between the building and the building, and the building density and planning layout of the building in the residential area are related to the comfort and privacy after occupancy. Usually located at the middle of the position is usually the best position, can directly see the village landscape, building the greater the distance between the relatively, building units is less, the illicit close sex of the life, the better, the environment quiet.

6. Look at the orientation of the building; The lighting and ventilation of the house are directly determined by the orientation of the house. In general, the north and south will be clearly marked on the sand table. Control mark, hang sit the door of north of the north face, to ensure the room daylighting, ventilated good.