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How To Design The Green Environment In The Building Model
- Jun 27, 2018 -

1, in big proportion model villa landscaping design and production, to create a warm a home atmosphere, so the form can be done is lively, novel, tree color selection can be lively, but to grasp the scale. The shape of tree species should change, to achieve a detailed and appropriate.

2. When designing and making small scale planning model greening, the form and emphasis should be placed on the overall sense. In the design and production of green, the main road trees and groups, concentrated green areas are separated. When choosing color, the color of road tree can be darker or lighter than the base color of green space, and form a certain contrast. As a concentrated green space and group green space, there should be a certain contrast in color except for the difference between the form and the trees.

3. When designing and making landscaping models, special emphasis should be placed on the characteristics of gardens. Because, the greening of garden planning model occupies a large proportion. Therefore, when designing such model greening, we must grasp the overall feeling and design greening according to the real environment. In the specific performance, the method of complex contrast is adopted to describe the central part, and simplify the secondary part. In addition, greening must pay attention to the relationship with the main body of the building. When making landscaping, the main buildings should be staggered and orderly, with special attention to the sense of scale. At the same time, it is necessary to hide each other, so that the greening and the natural glory of the main building are integrated, truly reflecting the characteristics of garden greening.

4. In the design and production of large proportion monomer or group building model greening, it is necessary to make clear and clean and orderly. Therefore, it should be more concise in the form of greening, the color selection of trees should be stable, and the shape of trees should be described according to the volume, model proportion and production depth of the main building.