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Historical Background Of Architectural Model
- Jun 01, 2018 -

It is said that when qin deployed to destroy the six states, qin shihuang personally organized and studied the geographical situation of the countries. With the help of li si, he sent the general wang bentgrass to carry out the unification war. Later, when qin shi huang was building a mausoleum, he built a large model of the terrain in his mausoleum. Model QiYou mountains, hills, not only in the city, but also the mercury was used to simulate the rivers, the sea, with a mechanical device that mercury flow loop, can say, this is the earliest sand, has been 2200 years of history.

China southern dynasty Song Fanye from were ยท Ma Yuanchuan existing records: han kenwood eight years (32 years) GuangWuDi conquering tianshui, wu tao, a region thus Kui general ma yuan "m for valley, finger painting situation", make GuangWuDi meal has "lu yi in my eye" feeling, this is one of the earliest sand table operations.

In 1811, the civilian military adviser to Frederick William iii, king of Prussia,

A military sand table

A military sand table

With cement produced a delicate battlefield model, the roads, rivers, villages and woods with color, with a small porcelain piece on behalf of the troops and weapons, on display at the Potsdam palace, used to carry out military game. Later, lesvitz's son used sand tables and maps to represent terrain and landforms, and used chronometers to represent the disposition of military forces and weapons, and made strategic plans in a practical way. This "war game" is the modern sand table operation.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, sand tables were mainly used for military training, and they were widely used in practice only after the first world war. With the development of electronic computing technology, a new technology to simulate the battlefield situation has emerged, which provides a new means to study the combat command.