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Four Functions Of Fine-counting Garden Sand Table Model
- Dec 21, 2017 -

(1) Explore the ideal plan, perfect the design idea

In the process of architectural and environmental design, design ideas and concepts are not easily understood and accepted by drawings, so design is often expressed by sketches and models. In the early stages of design, designers use sketches and models as a means of exploring initial ideas.

(2) Show the effect of building and environmental entity

In the bidding activities of large public buildings or other buildings and environments, in order to display the design concepts and characteristics of architecture and environment to the tendering units and examination and approval units, the owners and the approving staff can have a more intuitive understanding and real feeling to the building and the surrounding environment. Designers often demonstrate the design effect by simulating real-world architectural and environmental physical models to deliver design ideas.

(3) Guide the actual construction

In the actual construction and environment, some structures are more complex, it is difficult to express in the plan and elevation, or the construction personnel can not understand correctly, which makes the construction difficult. In order to enable the construction personnel to understand the designer's intention correctly, to guarantee the construction, often uses the model to show the complex structure part of the building, directs the construction.

(4) Show performance, conduct sales promotion

Building and environment model has become a real estate developers to display, publicity and sales of the necessary means. Through the model, the public and buyers can have an intuitive understanding of the architectural design style and the surrounding environment characteristics, at the same time, they also have a certain guide to purchase room.