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Development And Change Of Mechanical Model
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Model making is closely related to material. From the early unearthed clay model, to the early use of wood, paper materials, and then to the current organic molecular materials, alloy materials, this change is due to the development of the material industry. However, as a model of the production of professional materials is still a handful, far from satisfying the requirements of model making. In a sense, the material restricts the form of the model and brings some limitations to the model making.

With the continuous development of materials science and the driving of business behavior, the basic materials and professional materials needed for model making have a trend of diversification. Model making will not stay in the use of existing materials, but explore, develop and use a variety of new materials. The semi-finished materials produced by the model will become more and more varied with the specialization of the model making.