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Detailed Construction Method Of Building Model.
- May 24, 2018 -

The first

To building model design, you need to do if it is a particular model of existing buildings to make them do you want to specific data collection, the building it is best to have a complete set of drawings, flat, elevation, detail, and the size of the specific value. Then, according to the size of the model you are going to make, determine the proportion and reduce the size according to the ratio, and get the design drawing of your model. Cad drawing decomposition diagram to determine the size of the lap joints according to the required proportion.

The second

According to your drawings to cut materials, such as bubble can choose hot wire cutting machine, plastic such as abs these fine thing is not so good, make the individual, big companies generally use engraving machine carved abs board, acrylic board, and, of course, individuals making words can only be used manually, efficiency is too low.

Remember to make the main body first, this is relatively simple, it is to cut out the outer wall and the roof according to the size, glue the part of the wall and so on (model glass is painted after painting). Then make the detailed components according to the drawing, and attach these details to the main body, and then, of course, make the mark before the corresponding position of the main body.


The third

Use blow molding paper or paint to color the model, this should be done, no longer said.

If you want to do the yard, you can buy the trees and stuff like that.

No in a model company in general is it is difficult to do it, because to draw again, figure and understand technology, and to have the patience to paste, the somebody else model company each link are separated, each link has professional workers. Work 24 hours a day