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Design And Manufacture Of Garden Sand Table Model Skills To Be Mastered
- Dec 21, 2017 -

1, grasp the characteristics of garden model modelling

As a kind of plastic arts, garden model making has the following characteristics: (1) Landscape designers need to be the two-dimensional image on the drawing, through the creative, material embodied three-dimensional shape, (2) through the material manual and mechanical processing, to generate a transition, concave and convex changes in the surface shape (3) through the surface of the physical and chemical means of treatment, produce a vivid artistic effect. The model design should take into account how to select materials, blanking, how to connect the major groups and other specific operations, the production should also take into account the aesthetic requirements of the plastic arts, pay attention to the rationality of the structure and the accuracy of the node, in order to achieve exquisite elegance of the appearance of the shape.

2, fully understand the characteristics of garden model materials

The most basic component of gardening model is material. Make garden models of professional materials and a variety of available daily life materials and even discarded waste many, therefore, for the model production staff, to be good at using a variety of materials for a reasonable and convenient combination of collocation, which requires the production staff to familiarize themselves with and understand the basic physical characteristics of these materials and chemical characteristics, truly make the best use of, Useless.