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Common Materials For Model Making In Life
- Jun 12, 2018 -

In our real life, the materials used in hand-made models include the following: ABS boards, wood(plywood, etc.), oil mud, polyethylene(resin, also known as fiberglass), foam, etc.. The use of ABS boards is more common. Processing is relatively simple, Most of the models you saw before were made of this kind of material. ABS is a kind of resin with good comprehensive performance. It has more advantages in thermal transformation molding, and its surface is good, and it is easier to color and decorate., deeply welcomed by model makers, It should be noted that when the plate is molded, it must be heated evenly, the temperature must be suitable, too high and easy to be pressed by the mold, and too low it is not easy to form. The smoothness of the mold production is also crucial to the molding effect. Can not be ignored.

Another commonly used material is oil mud. The general model can be used for construction oil mud. The relative price of other specifications is too high to be recommended. Oil mud is slightly toxic. When heating and using, pay attention to ventilation, heating tools. Preferred oven, heated evenly, The hairdryer can be used to assist in repairing the model. Generally, the general skeleton of the model is to be made when making the oil and mud model. The softened oil mud is applied to it. After cooling, it is repaired with carving tools such as carving knives. His advantage is that it is easy to form and can be cut at will., Filling, can be a good performance model details, the bad place is to save transportation has a certain degree of difficulty, although the grease after cooling is relatively hard, but relative to other materials are still relatively easy to touch, need to pay attention.