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Classification Model
- Jun 06, 2018 -

Mathematical model

A model described in mathematical language. Mathematical model [2] can be one or a set of algebraic equation, differential equation, differential equation and integral equation, or statistical equation, it can also be them some appropriate combination, quantitatively or qualitatively by these equations describe the relationship between the variables system or causal relationship. In addition to the mathematical model described by equations, there are models described by other mathematical tools, such as algebra, geometry, topology, mathematical logic and so on. It should be noted that the mathematical model describes the behavior and characteristics of the system rather than the actual structure of the system.

The physical model

Also called entity model [3], it can be divided into physical model and analog model.

Made in: (1) physical model according to the similarity theory according to the original system scaling (also can be enlarged or size) with the original system of physical objects, such as aircraft model in wind tunnel experiments, the experimental model of hydraulic system architecture model, ship model, etc.

(2) analogy model: in the field of different physics (mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluid mechanics, etc.) of each of the system of variable sometimes obey the same rule, according to the common law can make physical meaning completely different compare with model and so on. For example, in certain conditions composed of throttle valve and let the pressure of the pneumatic system response with a circuit consists of resistance and capacitance of the output voltage characteristics have similar law, therefore easy to experiment circuit can be used to simulate the pneumatic system.