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Building Model Making Process
- May 28, 2018 -

Pre-production planning

According to the plan, elevation, effect and model requirements provided by party a, the model making style is formulated.

Model quotation budget

The budget staff determines the model charge and signs the service orders according to the model scale, material technology and drawing depth.

Production organization review

Technicians will check the analysis drawings to determine the model materials, processing technology, production period and effect requirements.

(1) construction process:

The architect shall construct and make according to the drawings provided by party a, and the effect shall be true and beautiful. All buildings adopt AutoCAD drawing, and the assembly line operation method of cutting details by computer engraving machine and manual bonding by construction technicians ensures both the quality of each part and the construction period.

(2) environmental landscape design and production process:

The overall environment will be controlled by professional landscape designers. Professional production personnel combine drawings for design and production. The principle is to reproduce the designer's design intention according to party a's design drawings. Do not operate at random and play freely. At the same time, artificial trees, small products, sculptures and other decorations are used to make the whole landscape beautiful and delicate.

(3) lighting assembly of building environment:

The lighting system shall be designed and produced according to the requirements of party a to reflect the night view effect of sand table.

Completion inspection

The manager of the quality inspection department and the project leader shall check and adjust the detailed drawings.

Model installation and debugging

The service personnel of the model shall be responsible for on-site debugging, installation and cleaning at the model display site, and leave after reaching the satisfaction of party a.