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Basic Features Of Architectural Models
- Jun 02, 2018 -

The use of easy-to-process materials in accordance with architectural design patterns or design ideas, in a reduced proportion of the sample. Architectural model is a means to show the appearance and spatial relationship of buildings or buildings in architectural design. For modern architecture with advanced technology, complex functions and rich changes in artistic modeling, it is especially necessary to design and create with models.

At the initial design stage, known as the working model, the production can be simplified for processing and disassembly. Materials can be putty, cardboard and plastic, etc. In the completion of the preliminary design, can make more elaborate model ─ ─ presentation model (see photo), for design of examination and approval. Display model not only requires the proportion of the building close to the real performance, modelling, color, texture and planning of the environment, can also reveal the key building internal space of the room, indoor display and structure, structure, etc. The display model is usually made of wood, plywood, plastic, plexiglass and metal sheet. The production of the model aims to achieve the intention and conception of expressive design creation.