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Architectural Models Can Express A Lot Of Meanings
- Dec 21, 2017 -

A more typical luxury community will have several features, a closed community, said this place is not anyone can come in; the second is a golf course, although not all households will go to play, but significantly high-end; third, the building is large, material decoration, which is easy to understand; Clean up everywhere; Five is strict management, security guard stare at you, once speeding 30 kilometers, I'll give you a 50-knife ticket; don't wash the car in front of the door-too much like the working class, not disorderly-penniless; your front lawn must be in good shape, and if you get overgrown, the community will hire people to help you mow, Of course the money comes from you. If you want to paint the house, choose what color can not be casually, the community has the color regulation. This is not all attributable to the high quality of the American people, the fundamental reason is to want to keep their own property value.