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Three-dimensional interactive virtual real estate - a building model in a computer.
- Apr 20, 2018 -

           3 d interactive virtual property is to be able to upgrade and replace building model and example room real estate open to booking a tool which makes use of the design drawings and real estate developers to provide material data will be proposed building 1-1 a precise simulation on the computer, large scene and partial rendering, build the ground-breaking visual and sound effects, improve the sales performance. Customers can be introduced into virtual property in the sales department or websites like playing games in the virtual property in walking up and down, and fly around and get into the room to check the decoration effect can also understand the circumstances surrounding traffic location development mortgage company strength calculation amount, etc. The system can automatically generate three - dimensional animation to play and advertise in the sales department.

            Multimedia sand table: multimedia sand can be three-dimensional display of the government at the corresponding level or department within the area of landscape and landscape, reflects the government departments at all levels with a variety of forms and various kinds of command elements. Controlled by computer multimedia technology, make the sound (commentary), light, like, subtitles synchronous or asynchronous display, as well as by remote control, manual, inductive control, can also be multimedia control; Both digital display, single point display, combination display and dynamic display can be used for remote video monitoring display with only one phone line. It has the characteristics of flexible operation, easy maintenance and modification.