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The historical background of the sand table
- Dec 21, 2017 -

It is said that Qin in the deployment of the six countries, Qin Shihuang himself heap system research countries geographical situation, under the help of Reese, sent General Jian to carry out unified war. Later, Qin Shihuang built a large terrain model in his tomb during the construction of the mausoleum. The model not only has mountains, hills, cities and so on, but also using mercury to simulate rivers and seas, with mechanical devices to make mercury flow cycle, it can be said that this is the first prototype of the sand table, has been more than 2,200 years of history.

Song Fan Ye of the Southern dynasties of China wrote "Han book, Horse Aid Biography" has been recorded: Han Jianwu eight years (A.D. 32) Guangwu Conquest Tianshui, Wudou area Hao Chang, General horse aid "poly Rice for the valley, finger situation", so that Guangwu Dayton has "in my eyes," the feeling, this is the first sand table operation.

In 1811, Feng Leiswitz, a civilian military adviser to King Fitre William III of Prussia, made a sophisticated battlefield model with clay, using colours to express roads, rivers, villages and woods, representing armies and weapons with small pieces of porcelain, displayed in the Potsdam Palace for military games. Later, Leiswitz's son used the sand table, map to express the topography, to calculate the time device for the military and weapons configuration, according to the actual combat strategy plan. This "war game" is the modern sand table operation.