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The display model has the intuitive features and unique expressiveness.
- Apr 08, 2018 -

The demonstration model is an important type of model, which gives people the opportunity to view and evaluate simulated landscapes intuitively, and it has the outstanding features and unique expressiveness. The design and design of this type of model are different from the conceptual model, which is based on the general drawing, plan and elevation of the design scheme, which is very accurate according to the appropriate proportion. The choice of material, colorific collocation and so on also need to imitate the real scene, according to the original plan design idea suitable for artistic processing processing. In the production of the requirements of fine, strong texture, color harmony to achieve the true, image, integrity and artistic effect.

The display model is a model used to publicize urban construction performance and real estate sales in recent years. For example, the models commonly used in large-scale real estate transactions, such models are exquisitely detailed, harmonious and bright colors, attractive lighting and strong visual impact. Therefore, it is an important means to enhance sales, highlight  individuality and attract customers through the personalized model.

The display model is not simply copied by design, and the intention and scheme on the drawing are transformed into entities and space, which is also a kind of | art re-creation. It is applicable for building construction, bidding, exhibition, construction reference, archiving and collection, etc., which has long term use and preservation value.