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The classification of the hand plate model.
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Hand is the first step to verify the product feasibility, is to find design defect and insufficiency, the defects of products the most direct and effective way, thus to targeted improvement of defect, until can't find less than standard sample from an individual. At this point, it is usually necessary to conduct a small trial production to find out that the batch is not enough to improve. The product can not be perfect and can not even be used in the design. If the defect will be discarded, it will waste manpower and material resources and time. However, the hand plate is generally a small sample with short production cycle and low loss of manpower and material resources. It quickly finds out the shortcomings of the product design and then improves it, providing sufficient basis for the product design.

Early hand due to various limitations, mainly embodied in the most of the work is done by hand, make hand long time limit for a project and it is difficult to strictly meet the appearance and structure the size of the drawing requirements, and therefore its check appearance or the function of the structure rationality also sell at a discount greatly.

With the progress of science and technology, the rapid development of CAD and CAM technology has provided better technical support for handboard manufacturing, making the precision of the hand board possible. On the other hand, with the increasingly fierce competition in society, the development speed of products is increasingly becoming the main contradiction of competition, while handboard manufacture can effectively improve the speed of product development. It is in this situation that the handboard manufacturing industry stands out as a relatively independent industry and flourishes.

The hand board is divided according to the means of production, which can be divided into manual and numerical control handboards:

(1) manual handboard: the main work is done by hand.

(2) numerical control hand plate: the main workload is accomplished by CNC machine tool, and according to the different equipment, it can be divided into laser Rapid Prototyping (RP,Rapid Prototyping) hand plate and machining center (CNC) hand plate.

A: RP hand plate: it is mainly produced by laser rapid prototyping technology.

B: CNC hand board: it is mainly produced by the processing center.