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The benefits of the sandbox model
- Mar 31, 2018 -

   The sandbox model is one of the most common tools used in the construction industry. However, because the sandbox model is used only in the design field, there are relatively few other areas. Therefore, many people do not understand it.

        The biggest characteristic of the sand table model is that it can combine the visuality and specificity, because many things in the sand table model are representative of a certain extent, so that in the sandbox model operation, many things are a kind of Real exercises.

        Because of this feature, the sandbox model also has some relevance in the process of use, especially in the design process of the construction industry, because the design work of the construction industry is very important, it is One of the most important things to do before construction, but in this process, we will find that the drill in the sand table model is very important for the construction of the building.


What is the main role of the building sandbox model ?

  1. Improve the design concept:

  Model production is a process of further perfecting and optimizing the design. Designers personally create models. They are experiences from 2D planes to 3D stereoscopic images. Through personal experience and participation in production, they can further inspire designers' inspiration. , find problems in the design, and improve and optimize, so that the design program to achieve the desired state.


   2. Guide the construction: 

     The construction unit is not easy to understand or prone to misunderstanding on the floor plans and elevations, which will cause difficulties in construction and ultimately affect the realization of design effects. The use of solid models to demonstrate the characteristics of the design can facilitate the construction unit to carry out the construction according to the design intent. The intuitive and visual model has a good guiding role for construction.


  3. Expressing design effects: 

  The physical model is a good expression for the viewer to show its design features. The physical model is an important means for the designer to communicate with the owner.

  4. Reduce design risk: 

  Model making is one of the important links in the design process. It can minimize design risks and has practical significance for grasping design orientation and construction production.


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