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The advantages of 3D model and the application of model glue.
- Apr 13, 2018 -

The 3D model is also a three-dimensional model built with 3D software, including various buildings, characters, vegetation, machinery and so on, such as a 3D model of a building. 3D models also include toys and computer models.

The 3D models are also divided into: characters, transportation, architectural decoration, furniture appliances, machinery, animals/monsters/plants, clothing, accessories, daily supplies, Musical Instruments, art and other types.

Its advantage is that there is no duplication of effort in the full information model. The change in decision-making process is also revolutionary when more people join the whole information model. McDonough of e-house 2000 thinks 3D is an excellent collaborative tool.

3 d model glue, is a kind of medium viscosity uv-curable gum, is applied to the 3 d stereo lithography, white, waterproof and low shrinkage of the durability of the resin. After using ultraviolet light irradiation, can rapid prototyping, can be made from rigid, strong, waterproof and low shrinkage parts.

The typical application of ABS material can be widely used in automobile, medical, consumer electronics and other industrial fields.