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The advantages and disadvantages of the six materials used in the production of sand table model.
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Model material in sand table model is an indispensable part of the production process, the use of different materials produce different effect to the model works, here for you to analyze the traditional six material in sand table model of the pros and cons.

1, plaster cast material forming while convenient, easy to direct casting, turning processing molding, templates, scraping after molding, molding, making crude processing, such as skeleton casting forming good place; However, if the large model is made of plaster, it will be too bulky, not easy to move, easily damaged, and the effect of connecting with other materials is not good.

2. The advantage of paper model materials is that they are cheap and suitable for a wide range of applications. And variety, specification, color is varied, easy to fold cutting, processing, change and shaping; It's very expressive. The disadvantage is that the physical properties of the materials are poor, the strength is low, the moisture absorption is strong and the moisture is easy to deform. In the process of building model, the adhesive speed is slow, and it is not easy to repair after forming.

3. The advantages of wood model materials are light weight, small density, plasticity, easy to be processed, and easy to finish, material and color pattern; Its bad is flammable, easy to be affected by pests, and will appear crack and bend deformation and so on.

4. The advantages of fiberglass model materials are high strength, good safety and good forming technology, which can be used to make batch products. Moreover, it has good application performance in the surface coating of FRP materials, especially in the production of large-scale products, which has an irreplaceable advantage. It can also achieve the same effect as the product line in the pilot production stage of some products; The disadvantage is that the wear resistance is poor, and the mold making is troublesome.

5, clay model material processing because of its excellent properties of materials, not only convenient processing, high plasticity, and the surface is not easy to crack and can receive light and polished finish after blow be bored with, also can be used repeatedly modified and recycling, so compare model suitable for the production of some form complex with larger size; The disadvantage of the model is that the accuracy of the model size is difficult to grasp, and the accuracy of the form can be effectively guaranteed by the use of accurate lofting or tri-coordinate measurement and symmetric positioning processing. On the other hand, when making large models, it is necessary to cooperate with other materials to save material cost and guarantee the strength of the model.

6. The plastic model materials are light weight, high strength, good chemical resistance, excellent insulation performance and wear resistance (except foaming plastic). Thermoplastic plastics can also be heated to moulding (such as PVC, plexiglass, ABS plastic), the molding effect is good; Its disadvantage is processing trouble, time consuming, trouble.