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Standard for checking the conformity of the sand table model
- Apr 04, 2018 -

1、 Construction

The building is popularly said to be a building. First, the splices of the various structures of the building must be free of traces of grinding and joints, and should be implemented in full accordance with the construction drawings or CAD.


Colors must be completely colored according to the renderings, and they cannot be color cast. If individual buildings do not have renderings, they can be colored by the experience of model company technicians, but they must be practical.

3、the environment

In terms of environmentalism, it is greenery. The first step is to see if the style of greening is in line with the environment of the local area. If it is not in conformity with it, it cannot be a good environment. For example, in the northern sand table, coconut trees are planted on the sand table, etc. To see if the layout of the green ring is simple and generous and clean, let people see whether it is comfortable, and finally it is to look at the level of detail in the craft, and it cannot be overcooked.

4、 photoelectric

Photovoltaic light is generally speaking, mainly from the role of trusting, first lighting arrangements should be reasonable, the district will use 10,000 lights, commercial buildings use light, environmental lights and greenery to form a tacit agreement.


The base is the base, mainly depends on whether the coordination with the floor or wall of the exhibition hall or the sales office is coordinated or not.

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