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Sandbox model optoelectronic configuration
- Apr 09, 2018 -


1. Interior lighting of the building:

The lighting settings in the main building are mainly divided into the cold light type and the warm light type, expressing different night scene effects. Fresh and natural, high quality, warm and luxurious, commercial prosperity. According to different needs, choose different lighting indications.

2, environmental floodlights:

Green light bulbs can be filled with light-emitting diodes in the green bushes and flower pots to fill the light. A miniature super-lighting light bulb is arranged at the root of the building wall to light up the building from various angles.

3, water treatment:

Water system is a bright spot in this case, so it is necessary to embody it in the sandbox production. Two methods can be used to represent: (1) Dynamic water treatment methods, consider the production of real water landscape, but the maintenance costs are higher; (2) double glass technology, ie, the water surface adopts two layers of glass clips, and the middle is arranged with aquatic plants. , fish, etc., and put a circle of blue lights along the water's edge.

4, lighting control:

Set the total control operation, place the center console in the chassis, install the control panel to open the key, and configure the switch system. A main switch (power display type), each group of a number of circuit switches, all the circuit switches using a sub-mother-type insert interface, to ensure safety and convenience, respectively, control the main building, chassis flood lighting environmental lighting. Remote lighting control system can also be used.

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