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Sand table model design
- May 31, 2018 -


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In military movies and TV series, we often see commanders standing in front of a terrain model studying the battle plan. According to the topographic map, aerial image or field topography, the sand plate model is constructed with sediment, chess and other materials in a certain proportion [1]. Sand table model is divided into simple sand table model and permanent sand table model. The simple sand table model is made of sand and chess on the ground. The permanent sand table model is made of foam plastic board (or triplywood), gypsum powder, paper pulp and other materials and can be preserved for a long time. Sand table model has the characteristics of strong three-dimensional sense, intuitive image, simple production and economic utility. The sand table model is widely used to show the terrain of the combat area in an image, indicating the composition of enemy positions, the deployment of troops and the disposition of weapons. Military commanders often study terrain, enemy situations and operational plans, organize coordinated actions, conduct tactical drills, study war cases and summarize operational experience. Sand table model is also commonly used to make models of economic development planning and large-scale engineering construction.

In terms of psychological treatment and testing, sand table model has been widely applied to discover and solve the psychological problems, under the guidance of psychological doctor, was the healer or tested with their will set up, in the sand table model by a psychologist or appearance to judge according to the circumstances of the patients of certain mental aspects.


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Materials used in making sand table, generally are: the sand box, stool, fine sand, clay, model, roads, rivers and a variety of paper (cloth), rendering terrain tonal sawdust, paint, said fighting action war game, team logo and team, pertaining to the residents, highland and river name CARDS, as well as bamboo (wood sign), cord, pins, meter scale, brushes, shovels and other tools.

1. Setting sand table

Sand box placed safety first, best location and in situ uniform sand table, 3-5 cm thick on the shop again, humidity appropriate sand, and board pressure leveling, as a minimum contour plane, then play and topographic map corresponding grid, note the corresponding number around the sand box.

2. Accumulation landform

(1) according to the grid will be selected on the topographic map of minimum contour, can control the basic shape contour, landscape and the top of the hill, nek, foothills, tilt table transformation and rivers and wait for the location of the paint surface. (2) to calculate the top good, nek, foothills, lean transformation point and rivers such as the bend changing significantly and points, respectively, with bamboo sticks. The height of the bamboo stick, for this point at the bottom of the height of the sand and the thickness of sand. (3) within the scope of the minimum until the contour, based on bamboo sticks and contour, first from the top of the hill, saddle, the general shape of the mountain back, as the backbone, to finish the other parts. Such as sand table is larger, can shard accumulation, the accumulation in and out of the difficulties first, after accumulation is convenient in and out of place. Accumulation, shall, from time to time, contrast topographic map, to properly display the ups and downs of the landscape, and shall, from time to time, sandy soil compaction, in order to avoid collapse deformation. If you have large rivers, lakes, to be dug into. With finishing landform accumulation is finished, should make a comprehensive inspection and repair, and from high to low level and are in conformity with ground color of sawdust (or spray with color).

3. Setting ground objects

Sand table features, such as houses, railways, Bridges, trees, and independent features, such as multi-purpose similar model representation, roads and rural road with size, different colors of paper (cloth) said; Rivers are represented by blue strips of paper or sawdust; Trees or green with a twig sawdust said. The size of the object, should be in line with the horizontal scale, the relationship between the location requires correct. Set features, should according to the drainage, residents, roads, woods and independent feature of sequence set. Finally, in the corresponding position with place names, rivers, mountains and elevation note CARDS.

4. Set up the tactical situation

Tactical situations, usually according to a predetermined battle plan or training scenarios, war game with systems, a temporary team, team, etc. Set up the first set battle line, and then press behind me first, by the order of the frontier to the depth. If you want to display, I fortification project, should be set up working facilities, set up after the tactical situation.

5. Groom

Upon completion of the above work, a detailed check shall be made and the name of the sand plate shall be marked, indicating the north arrow and scale, and the coordinate network shall be drawn with a wire rope if necessary


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Sand table model [2] as a result of good practicability, widely used and field of urban planning and design, used to display planning blueprint, but also widely used in environmental governance, engineering change, the agricultural planning and design of real estate and other fields. To show its characteristics.