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How to see the disk
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Orientation: First of all, we should distinguish the North and South dynasties and the direction of things, because this is related to the house lighting, ventilation and other key issues.

Ratio: Determine whether the sand table in accordance with the actual planning ratio of production, in line with the specification of the sand table can be seen clear floor spacing and road layout in the district and other basic issues.

Green: The reason is that the sand table is usually a large area of green, to ask whether the green sand table in the construction and the actual is consistent, because many sand table in the green and the actual discrepancy is very big.

Parking spaces: Ask about the location of the parking lot and the underground garage, and the ratio between the parking spaces and the number of households to choose a house near or far away from the parking lot according to your own needs.

No building: The sand table will have some square-shaped "decorations", remember to ask them for their use. They are likely to be facilities such as garbage houses and power-changing boxes.

Surrounding roads: to know whether the surrounding roads in the sandbox are real, the progress of road construction and the opening time. This is important for future travel convenience.