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Electronic Sand Table
- Dec 21, 2017 -

Through the real three-dimensional geo-information data and the advanced Geographic Information technology, the electronic sand table can dynamically find the geographic information of every point in real time. such as three-dimensional coordinates, height, slope, rivers, roads and various artificial works and facilities, long-term planning and other information. And through the advanced three-dimensional simulation function real-time on the computer for three-dimensional single point of flight, path flight, around the point of flight, engineering facilities inquiries, economic benefits analysis and other intelligent analysis. It is suitable for the location of mobile communication and the planning and construction of large scale water conservancy facilities, which are closely related to geographical terrain. Machine (touch screen integrated machine), logic controller, drive, stage lighting controller and touch-type remote control (PDA handheld) and other equipment, with model sand, large screen projection and multimedia display software, etc., to achieve model lighting, stage lighting action Automatic, manual, remote controls, to voice, text, Pictures and video images and other multimedia forms with the Synchronized Display model table of various related information, to achieve a full range of interactive multimedia display effect.