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Classification of Sand Table
- Dec 21, 2017 -

The Simple sand table, which is a temporary heap of sand and chess on the site, is in the following order: preparation of the table, determination of the horizontal and vertical scale of the sandbox (usually the horizontal scale is less than the vertical scale), calculation of the sand table size, heap topography, set the terrain and military situation. The main is the heap of landforms, the method is: the selection of the lowest contour and related geomorphic features, and its location from the topographic map to the sand surface, according to the vertical scale calculation of the peak, saddle, foot and other places at the height of the insertion, control topographic map of the heap system.

Permanent sand table, the general use of foam board or plywood, gypsum powder, pulp and other materials, the method and the heap of simple sand table is basically the same, but the plastic landscape, to enlarge the bottom map, sou system and set the contour plate, heap plastic fillers and finishing surface color.