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Classification of sand
- Apr 18, 2018 -

      Simple sand table, temporary composting is sediment and war game with the ground, the order is: the figure on the preparation, determine the level of the sand table scale and vertical scale (usually horizontal scale is less than vertical scale), sand table size calculation, geomorphic, composting set features and military situation. Mainly composting landform, the method is: the selected minimum contour and the geomorphic feature points, and its position transfer from topographic map to the sand surface, according to the vertical scale to calculate the top of the mountain, saddle, the place such as the bottom sign highly, topographic map for composting.

       Terrain model is adopted for the miniature entity to represent the landform characteristics, and in the model reflects the content such as mountain, water, roads, main show is the terrain data, make people can understand from the perspective of micro macro. The application range of terrain model and its wide range are mainly used in government, transportation, water conservancy, power, public security command, land and resources, tourism, military, military and so on.

        Building model is adopted for the miniature entity to represent the architectural art, whether it is the modelling of monomer, or groups of combinations are faithfully express the structure of the architecture, the architect's intentions into specific image.

        he electronic sand disk can find the geographical information of each point dynamically by using the advanced geographic information technology through the real 3d geographic information data. Such as three-dimensional coordinates, heights, gradients, rivers, roads and various artificial engineering and facilities, vision planning, etc. And through the use of advanced real-time 3 d simulation function on the computer for three dimensional single point of flight, flight paths, fly around points, engineering facilities query, analysis of economic benefits, and other various intelligence analysis and so on. It is suitable for the location of mobile communication and the planning and construction of large scale water conservancy facilities. The electronic sand disc is divided into three - dimensional electronic sand disc, acoustic photoelectric sand disc and multimedia touch sand tray. All-in-one is by multimedia computer (touch screen), logic controllers, drives, stage lighting controller and touch control (PDA handheld computers), and other equipment, and sand table model, large-screen projection, multimedia software, such as coordination, implement the model lighting, stage lighting for automatic, manual, remote control, such as voice, text, images and video images with synchronized multimedia forms sand table model of all kinds of information, achieve all-round interactive multimedia display effect.