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Building model Making
- Dec 21, 2017 -

The design of architectural model shows that the model is made of cardboard as the main material, and the thickness of the wall is made by the way of building model making. window sets, the base, steps have a more delicate performance, stigma column with cardboard roll folding easy to form more realistic effect, roof part of the use of corrugated bottle paste, white and red paper color contrast properly show the original building color contrast relationship, the proportion of each part and scale grasp more close, architectural model making fine, Refined, the construction of the relationship between the actual and the details in the model have performance, so that the architectural model design more vivid. Although the model used cardboard as material, but by folding the formation of various geometries of the body quickly, can also reflect the sense of volume. The architectural model makes use of white cardboard and red corrugated paper and different material of the wallpaper to better express contrast strong color and texture. Roofing part with corrugated in color, texture on the right, in short this is an interesting, vivid and realistic architectural model design, reflecting the original proportions, color relations and atmosphere.