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Basic features of architectural models
- Dec 21, 2017 -

A sample made of a reduced proportion of materials used for easy processing in accordance with architectural design drawings or design ideas. Architectural model is a means to express the appearance and spatial relationship of buildings or building blocks in architectural design. For the modern architecture with advanced technology, complex function and changeable artistic modelling, it is especially necessary to design and create the model.

In the initial design of the project design phase of the call work model, the production can be abbreviated for processing and disassembly. Materials can be used in sludge, cardboard and plastic. After completing the preliminary design, it is possible to produce a more refined model-the display model (see diagram), for the validation of the design plan. The display model not only requires that the building is near to the real proportion, modelling, color, texture and planning environment, but also can reveal the interior space, interior furnishings, structure and construction of the key building rooms. The display model is generally made of wood, plywood, plastic board, plexiglass and sheet metal. The production of the model is designed to achieve the conception and conception of performance design creation.