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Custom Scale Models

  • Commercial Model Making

    Commercial Model Making

    1.Product description: scale model, proportion of building model, mechanical equipment model, proportion of terrain model, scene model. 2.The company is a professional production model enterprise, all sizes are customized, usually 45 days to complete the order. 3.Technical...Read More

  • Premium Line Of DIY Building Metal Models

    Premium Line Of DIY Building Metal Models

    Real metal material production, seamless welding process processing.Read More

  • Real Estate Development Models

    Real Estate Development Models

    1.Urban scale model description: generally speaking, the urban scale model has a large area, and the proportion of the model is very small.Therefore, the architectural model and environmental model are divided into two proportions in production, with the emphasis on the...Read More

  • Architetural scale Model

    Architetural scale Model

    1.Product name: scale model, custom scale model, building scale model, city scale model. 2.The scale model refers to the physical model produced by the scaling of an object.The scale model is often used in real estate sales, planning science and technology museum exhibition,...Read More

  • Architectural scale Model

    Architectural scale Model

    1.Product name: industrial scale model, equipment scale model, scale model. 2.We are a model enterprise with more than 20 years of production experience, providing you with high quality and low cost products.The price of the scale model depends on the complexity of the...Read More

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