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Custom Sandbox Model

  • The Physical Model Shown in the Enterprise Exhibition Hall

    The Physical Model Shown in the Enterprise Exhibition Hall

    1. Model of enterprise exhibition hall and display sand table 2, the product description: it is mainly used for enterprise exhibition hall to display the sand table model, model to show the enterprise products, enterprise equipment model, enterprise property sand table is...Read More

  • The Pavilion Physical Model

    The Pavilion Physical Model

    1. Product name: museum, museum, museum, museum, museum, and ancient scene 2. Product description: this type of sandbox model is mainly used for the sand disk model of exhibition display. Scenery of the ancient games model based on historical text and images when producing,...Read More

  • CNC Hand Model

    CNC Hand Model

    1. Product name: CNC hand plate model, rapid prototyping, hand modeling 2. Product description: the product model is based on the 3D drawings provided by the ordering unit, using CNC engraving or 3D printing, and hand-polishing and processing. The production materials include...Read More

  • Handmade House Model

    Handmade House Model

    1. Product name: miniature model, simulation model, architectural model, model. 2, the product description: miniature model is according to the drawings with scaling made physical model, after the regular production materials for resin ABSB plank, model according to the...Read More

  • Topography Sand Table

    Topography Sand Table

    1. Product name: topographic and geomorphological sand table model, topographic geomorphological model, map model, topographic model. 2. Product description: this model belongs to the sand table model of topographic relief, and the general model ratio is relatively small, and...Read More

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